How important is your guest experience?

8% of respondents from a survey said they always stay at the same hotel*. If this is not a scary figure for the amount of effort you put into your property then it should be.

This low rate is partly due to the power of media that dictates which hotel can be seen by which guest and the ability to view dozens of hotels at one go when browsing for accommodation for your next travel and leveraging price and reviews as a deciding factor. Because the majority of hotels apply a "one size fits all" mentality, there is very little differentiation in terms of the emotional connection between the guest and the property and any connection is left to the guest to make.

Most hotels primarily only have one shot at wooing the guest from the moment they book to the moment they leave because statistics say that there is a high chance, he or she may never come back again. Looking at the first mile of the guest service is a great way to start understanding how you could leave a lasting memory by modifying the first impression that a guest has of the property. A simple Welcome Email that is more focused on the emotional state of the guest and engages them with information about what's coming up is far more relevant in today's world than a pure transactional email.

Tapping this emotional state can have great benefits in better understanding the guest and tailoring the way you engage with the guest to create a unique offering. It's especially rewarding for your internal team to see the fruits of their labour thrive. Everyone wants to know that their hard work is making a difference and to see your guest come back again.

As the baton shifts from Gen X to Gen Y and so on we are also starting to see more shifts in the need for service to adapt and be more flexible where each guest can be treated the way they want to be treated.

Beyond the hygiene factors it is this level of service that guests are craving for. Small but precious moments where they are engaged and treated as individuals.

So I ask you, what will you do the next time the guest walks in to make their stay unique and memorable?

Rishi Randhawa

Founder & CEO GuestSense


GuestSense was born out of the concept that each guest is unique and no guest wants to feel like a stranger. Internal research we conducted showing that if a business traveller could simply be greeted by his first name at check-in and asked if he wanted his favourite type of coffee that this small gesture would ultimately leave a lasting mark.

*The Deloitte Hotel and Airline Traveler Survey 2012

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